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22th September 2022

Wydział Zarządzania UW,
ul. Szturmowa 1/3, Warsaw

Michał Niewiadomski
Klub Energetyczny
dr hab. Grzegorz Tchorek
Wydział Zarządzania UW


The energy crisis, which spread to other countries in 2022, shows how unstable the energy market is and how vulnerable to external actions. The dependence of individual countries on hydrocarbons, combined with a poorly diversified energy mix and an underdeveloped RES market, is particularly painful.

Rises in energy commodity prices are hitting everyone – from citizens, through business to the energy-intensive industry. Everyone is wondering how to provide cheap electricity and heat. And although the main goal is to secure energy supplies, the issue of reducing the emission intensity of the power sector still remains valid.

Poland faces an enormous challenge to build a new power system. On the one hand, these will be Renewable Energy Sources associated with the production of green hydrogen in a few years, but on the other hand, stable zero-emission sources operating at the base of the system are needed. Coal power generation will be gradually phased out and nuclear power units should be built in its place.

During the first edition of the conference “Nuclear Power – Solutions for Poland”, technological solutions offered by EDF, KHNP and Westinghouse will be presented, we will talk about the supply chain, infrastructure construction, security and the licensing system.

The discussion will also concern SMR solutions, in which Polish companies looking for solutions that provide cheap and emission-free energy are interested. There will also be talks on cooperation between business and the world of science and the construction of human resources for nuclear energy in Poland.

The conference is organized by the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw and the Energy Club.

Conference date

22 September 2022 h. 9:00 am

Conference address

Wydział Zarządzania UW,
ul. Szturmowa 1/3,


Michał Niewiadomski
Klub Energetyczny
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